A better functioning nervous system means a longer, more vital life!

New medical discoveries often mean a better understanding of what chiropractors do every day.

For years, scientists have believed that the brain has lymphoid and immune systems that are completely separate from the rest of the body.

The Missing Link…

However, advancing technology has allowed for the discovery of a “glymphatic system” that allows for draining and connection between the brain and the body.

This means that misalignments in the spine— especially at the atlas and top of the neck, where this drainage is most influenced—can cause dysfunction of the brain in its ability to properly control and regulate the body.

A Better Life, A Better You

Every specific chiropractic adjustment allows for better functioning of the nervous system and brain!

With improved immune and lymph drainage of the brain comes a longer, more vital life!


Haas, A., DC, PhD. (2017). Lymphatic Drainage of the Brain: Implications for Chiropractic. A. Vertebral Subluxation Res., 2017(2), 5-7.
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