Being Present For Life Experiences

“You are welcome to get relaxed in room…”

You have just heard those lovely words from the front office staff.  It is now time for your adjustment with Dr. Sahota, awe!  You’ve been waiting for this.  It is your second, third, maybe fourth visit to the office.  You are at Synapse Chiropractic investing on building upon the shift you have so desired to experience in your wellness journey.  You’ve made that life changing decision to show up for yourself in a big way.  To actively change those issues that have been stopping you from living a life you know you are capable of, one in which pain and discomfort are not distracting you from joy, happiness and achieving what is important to you. This is it!

But, wait!  Oh, there it is, that “but.”  What have you been doing since you arrived to the office?  Have you been sitting in the lobby on your phone?  Do you even, really, remember how you arrived to the office, or were you on autopilot the entire drive here? And are you still on that automatic cycle of doing up to this point of being asked to go back to receive your adjustment.  The adjustment that you so look forward to, in the knowing that it is here to restore optimal function to your nervous system, and will you still be engaged in that “doing mode” while receiving your adjustment from Dr. Sahota?

How we arrive can impact our experiences in life.  Not being completely available for those experiences can affect the desired outcome.  The experience itself can only do so much.  Remember the mentioning of your drive to the office.  I think most of us can remember a time when we have driven somewhere and thought, “I don’t even remember how I got here.”  Hmm, that may seem like nothing that needs to be understood, but think for a moment on a drive that was so lost in unawareness that you had driven to another location altogether, an undesired location–going somewhere you didn’t want to go.

When you are fully present for life experiences, opening yourself up for what you desire that experience to be, leaving all that is not what you need or want in that given moment, it is much more likely that the outcome you have now decided to invest in will have the greatest opportunity of arriving and becoming the desirable result of your committed efforts.  This means “realized wellness,” in this example.  Realized wellness is the kind of result that we at Synapse Chiropractic wish to empower, inspire and unleash, in everyone we meet through neurologically based chiropractic care.

Make an appointment to speak with our Wellness Coach if you wish to know more about being in the optimal mindset for your adjustment experience.

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