Your Purpose Will Make Your Life Soar

Today is the day! I decided, I am starting a blog so I grabbed my laptop and opened up a word document, stared aimlessly at the screen for about three minutes before I remembered something else I needed to do. Two days later I am in the same position brainstorming ideas for the blog and before I can get a word typed, I am distracted by a text message. Pretty soon a week goes by and I have yet to start.

How many of us plan to start a project and end up putting it off for one reason or another? It happens all the time and I will explain why.

My name is Dr. Ranvir Sahota: a chiropractor, husband, and an aspiring entrepreneur. My life purpose is to empower, inspire, and unleash the full health potential in each person I meet by reconnecting the mind and body through chiropractic. This is why I am writing this blog!

You Serve a Purpose Whether You Realize it or Not

I had to remind myself of the purpose behind writing this blog and only then was I able to make progress.

All of us serve a purpose whether you know it or not. Once you are able to determine that purpose: your vision goes from blurry to crystal clear.

I have started this blog in order to help all my patients, friends, and family become clear about their vision so you can ultimately Live Your Purpose.

We will be covering topics regarding health and healing along with motivation and inspiration. The purpose of this first blog is to tell you more about me and how I came to realize my purpose (Part 1 of 2).

How I Found My Purpose

In high school, I was a 3 sport athlete. I ran cross country in the fall, played basketball in the winter, and ran track in the spring. It was my senior year and I was primed to have my best season yet! I trained hard over the summer and got off to a hot start during the cross-country season. As the season progressed injuries started to take over and I was hobbled by knee and low back pain. I still remember riding a bike and swimming in the pool to train for my running races because my body couldn’t take the impact. I would bike and swim all week and then run in the races. My race times began to fade and so did my spot on the varsity roster. I visited a medical doctor who told me to stop training so hard and rest. I started physical therapy which only aggravated my knee pain more. I was running out of options until my dad recommended I try chiropractic.

Going to see a chiropractor, I was skeptical, but willing to try anything that could possibly help. The chiropractor did a few different tests on me, educated me on how my body has the ability to heal itself, took spinal x-rays and told me to come back the next day.

I went in the next day and he explained what he saw on the x-rays and why he believed I was having these issues. I received my first adjustment that visit and I felt “different” than I had with any other treatment.

At that point, it wasn’t better or worse just “different.” He recommended I come in a couple more times that week and that was exactly what I did.

After the first week, I started to notice I was feeling better and better after each adjustment. My pain had started to decrease and I had a new energy about me.

Two weeks after starting care I was running again but my stamina was still down. Although I couldn’t make huge changes to my race times I was finally able to run with less pain.

Chiropractic saved my senior year from becoming a complete disaster but more than that it changed my life.

I could run some of my best times by the time track season came around. With each visit to the clinic my fascination with the function of the body grew. I knew that I was going to be a chiropractor before I graduated high school.

I didn’t have to find my purpose, it found me, but I did choose to accept it.

Let Your Purpose Find You

You can experience a life with purpose.

Do not think that purpose only finds a few. Everyone has a purpose.

You have a purpose, and if you’re willing to accept it: it will find you.

To all my patients and those who read this, I wish you the very best in your health and in your lives!

May you be blessed with the wisdom and discipline to take charge of your health and the health of your loved ones in spite of what the latest and greatest “guidelines” suggest.

And may you be receptive to living life aligned with your purpose.

In good health,
Dr. Ranvir Sahota

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