Your first visit in the office may be your longest, but it is also one of the most important visits! We will start off with a tour of our facility, so you know exactly where everything is and you are comfortable being in our office. You will then sit down with one of our Doctors for a consultation about your health history and goals. If you wish to move forward, we will then proceed with a set of examinations including a thermal scan, muscle scan, and a postural analysis. Based on your examinations, the Doctor will proceed with taking structural x-rays in the office. After your x-rays are completed, we will then give you your first chiropractic adjustment!

You can absolutely do just a consultation for your first visit and not proceed with any examinations. The consult is always complimentary and at no cost to you. Be sure to let the team members know on the phone or when scheduling this appointment that you are only wanting to do a consultation appointment.

Your consultation will always be complimentary and at no cost to you. If you decide to move forward with examinations, x-rays, and an adjustment, the cost of your first visit will be $205 for adults and $155 for kids 12 and under!

Synapse Chiropractic is a fee- for- service provider. We are not contracted with any insurance company other than Medicare. The standard and quality of care we provide is the highest we can possibly give you. Insurance companies often do not like to recognize that, nor do they typically pay for this high quality and quantity of care. To accept insurance, we would be required to compromise and limit our ability to provide the best care possible for you. That is just something we will not do. Insurance was designed for quick and short-term symptom and disease treatment. Chiropractic’s objective, as practiced in our office, is about improving your health and helping to enhance all aspects of your life throughout your whole life. We can provide you with an itemized receipt of services for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement specific to your individual coverage.

Your next appointment is the most important appointment in the office. It is the report of findings and recommendations visit. The doctor will spend time with you reviewing your x-rays and exams from the initial visit. He will go over any underlying issues that could be affecting your quality of life and give his best recommendations to help you function better. If we can help, the doctor will present you with a customized care plan to help you reach your health goals!

The doctor will review your x-rays and exams at no additional cost. When you come in for your second visit, we will determine which option works best for you. It is important for you to see the exams and x-rays before we make any determination on future care. If you choose to get adjusted that day, it will be $65. We don’t want finances to stand in the way of you getting the care you deserve so, if you choose one of the recommended care plan options, you will receive the visits at a discounted rate!

The care plan is the doctor’s recommendation for you to get the best results in our office. These are usually made to help get you functioning better so you can reach all of your health goals. If you don’t want to pick a care plan option you can always pay-per-visit. The care plans are designed for committed individuals that want to correct the underlying issue to get better long term results.

After your initial visit to the office, the Doctor will determine the length of care necessary for you. We will usually start off with a higher frequency and decrease once you are able to hold your adjustments. The doctor will give you these recommendations after reviewing your findings.