Conquer Cold & Flu Season With Your Immune System

With “cold and flu season” rapidly approaching, many people start to wonder what steps they can take for themselves and their families to help combat the many viruses that often go around during the fall and winter months.

You often hear the most common approaches; drink lots of water, eat healthy, get some exercise, etc. Although those are beneficial, many people may not be getting the results they want. Have you ever considered visiting a chiropractor to help you fight off the different types of stresses your body may be exposed to?

In this blog, I will introduce the facts as to why chiropractic is so valuable to one’s health and the many ways it can help your body conquer this upcoming cold and flu season!

Torque Release Technique:

The first aspect I want to discuss is the way our office is different than many other offices in the area. We are one of the only offices in Northern California (Rocklin, CA) to practice the Torque Release Technique. This technique provides the body with a tonal adjustment, meaning it will make sure your nerves are communicating at the proper frequency they need to in order for the whole body to function properly.

A good way to think about it is similar to playing an instrument. When your guitar, for example, is out of tune, the notes and chords you play will not sound right, even if you are doing everything else correctly.

The same goes for your body. You could be drinking your water, eating your veggies, everything you’re supposed to do to keep yourself healthy. But, if your nerves are not communicating the way they should be, your body will never truly function at its most optimal level!

Now, think back to the guitar. You notice it’s out of tune so what do you do? Do you just keep playing it, hoping it will magically tune itself? Probably not. You will go and tune the guitar so the music you play sounds nice again. Again, the same thing applies to your body! Once you begin receiving your tonal adjustments and your body is back “in tune”, you will be able to function at your absolute best!

Immune System:

Now that you know how our office compares to others, it’s time to learn about how adjustments can keep you healthy and functioning properly through the fall and winter! The key is in the relationship between the Torque Release Technique, getting regular adjustments, and the immune system itself!

TRT (Torque Release Technique) deals with healing the nervous system and as we know, the nervous system controls all of the other systems in the human body, including the immune system!

The nervous system’s job is to determine what is going on in your environment and then tell your body how to adapt and react to it. If your nervous system is not functioning properly, it can slow the response of the immune system to a negative environment.

However, if your immune system and nervous system are working at their best abilities, your body will be able to better adapt to the stresses that could potentially be in your environment! If your body is able to adapt, it will then develop the ability to defend itself against these stresses, helping to protect you from getting sick!

So, let’s say your nervous system isn’t functioning properly. How is the adjustment going to fix it? Great question. When the doctors use TRT, they are essentially “unblocking” any nerves along the spine that may have subluxations or interferences! These interferences are what decrease the communication between your nerves and the brain.

When the signals are interfered with, the nervous system is unable to tell rest of the body what it needs to be doing. After the doctor delivers the proper adjustment, it is then your body’s turn to recognize the changes and adapt to how you really should be functioning.

Receiving regular adjustments just further helps your body heal itself by removing those subluxations that may pop up in your day-to-day life. Once your body understands and adapts to functioning at the highest level, handling everyday stressors, such as those stresses in our environment, for example, becomes much easier and much more effective!

Conquering the Cold and Flu Season:

If the upcoming cold and flu season causes you to hibernate in fear of catching anything, it is definitely time for you to give chiropractic a shot! Give your body the best chance to defend itself, so you can keep doing the things you love!

Remember the keys to conquering the cold and flu season: stay hydrated, take Vitamin D supplementation, stay active, and GET ADJUSTED! You deserve to live your best life and we want to help you in the journey to get there!