Why Consistency is Key to an Exceptional Quality of Life

One of the most commonly heard words in our office is the word “consistency”. Consistency really determines how quickly you’re going to start seeing the results of the care you have just committed to here in the office. How consistent you are with not only coming in for your scheduled adjustments, but also keeping up with the at home routines as well, will show the Doctor just how committed you are to improving your overall quality of life! That is truly our end goal here; to help guide you and your body to an exceptional quality of life so you can conquer your goals with ease! So, naturally, the only way you are going to see results in anything you do is by staying consistent. The definition of the word consistent is: “Acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.” Coming in and getting adjusted consistently is the primary way to get the relief and progress you were seeking before starting your health journey. Those who fall off of a schedule tend to stop seeing results, and then begin to feel discouraged about their health journey. When the progress is not happening, it can be really frustrating. That’s why being on top of your schedule is important! If you miss an appointment, be sure to make it up and get back on track. The best way to see results is to stay consistent and have a realistic view on the care you are receiving. If you are committed to being healthy and doing whatever necessary to stay that way, then you are definitely on the right path to living a happy and healthy life!


By: Peyton Reyes

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