Why Do You NEED Wellness Care?

Many chiropractic offices break care down into phases: an initial corrective phase and a
“wellness” or “maintenance” phase of care.

It makes sense that, just as we brush our teeth every day and go to the dentist periodically for cleanings and check-ups, the spine should be well-aligned to ensure our best life possible.

But what research actually supports this claim?

Well, it turns out that researchers have sought to quantify just how early “degenerative” changes happen when joints are immobilized.

In the same way that the vertebrae above and below must work harder to compensate when a subluxation is present, when a knee is immobilized, the other knee must work harder as well!

This fact made it very easy for researchers to visualize degenerative changes happening only 2 weeks after immobilization of a knee!

The key is prevention.

If we apply this same concept to the spine, it makes a great deal of sense that getting checked and adjusted for subluxation is crucial to preventing long-term degenerative changes like arthritis and living the best lives we can for as long as we can!


Zhou, Q., Wei, B., Liu, S., Mao, F., Zhang, X., Hu, J., . . .Wang, L. (2015). Cartilage matrix changes in contralateral mobile knees in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis induced by immobilization. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 16(1). doi:10.1186/s12891-015-0679-y
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