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Being Present For Life Experiences

“You are welcome to get relaxed in room…” You have just heard those lovely words from the front office staff.  It is now time for your adjustment with Dr. Sahota, awe!  You’ve been waiting for this.  It is your second, third, maybe fourth visit to the office.  You are at Synapse Chiropractic investing on building […]

Healing From Loss

I find myself in grief again, with the knowing that this will not be the last time I experience loss.  I am also reminded that loss is not just the loss of someone, although that loss may well be the most impactful; it can also be the loss of love, of respect, of connection, understanding, […]

Understanding Sciatica

The Sciatic nerve is a nerve bundle running down the back of your leg with nerves from the lower part of your spine (L4-S3 nerve roots). The sciatic nerve has two primary functions, controlling the muscles and the sensations to the skin in the leg.

Is there another option for seizures?

Epilepsy, which affects about 2.9 million Americans, is a neurological condition that is characterized by recurring seizures, brief involuntary body movements, which may also be accompanied by loss of consciousness and loss of bowel and/or bladder control