Glaucoma and Chiropractic?

Glaucoma is a slow progressive eye disease and develops asymptomatically for years until visual deficits and irreversible impairment to the retina occur.

Early detection and treatment to lower the intraocular pressure can slow, or even terminate, the progression of the disease.

Chiropractic Care Case Study

“At time of re-examination following chiropractic care,the patient’s intraocular pressures had significantly decreased!

The annals of vertebral subluxation research featured a case study on a 40-year old woman who saw a reduction in intraocular pressure following corrective chiropractic care.

When presenting for care, the patient had experienced an increase in intraocular pressure for the previous three years from 14.5 mmHg to 18 mmHg.

As a result, she was given a diagnosis of borderline glaucoma by her ophthalmologist and told that intervention to lower the intraocular pressure may have to begin.

The Secret Technique

Over the course of two months and two weeks, she was adjusted 25 times utilizing the Torque Release Technique (TRT).

Prior to her first re-assessment under care, the patient was seen for a re-examination by her ophthalmologist.

Glaucoma Diagnosis Reversed

The patient’s progression of elevation in intraocular pressure not only ceased, but also reversed.

At this re-examination, using tonometry, the patient’s OD and OS intraocular pressure measured at 16 mmHg.

This reversal [through chiropractic care] resulted in the ophthalmologist no longer considering the need for medical intervention.

Through adjusting the upper neck and reducing vertebral subluxation, the patient’s intraocular pressures decreased.

Although the patient did not pursue care with an intention to improve Glaucoma, she was overjoyed when she saw the intraocular pressure of her eyes decrease.


McClimon, Megan E., McClimon, Daniel G., Michael Krotee. “Improved Intraocular Pressure in a 40-Year-Old Female Following Chiropractic Care to Reduce Subluxation.” Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research Spring 2017 .2 (2017).
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